Casino tables

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We offer a fantastic gambling experience which recreates the atmosphere and activity that you would find in a genuine casino.

Our croupiers are the best in the business, they are nice friendly people who take the time to teach people how to gamble (strictly for fun, though). Always on hand to help those who have never played casino games before. We appreciate that not every guest has played casino games, so they explain the rules & put the guests at ease & help them to enjoy their gambling experience & often the complete beginners win more (with a little guidance, of course) than the seasoned players.

The casino is best run as a prize casino taking place over a 3 hour period. Towards the end of the fun casino activity, the guests are asked to cash in their chips, the croupiers will then make a note of the top three winners, this is an ideal time to present the winners with a prize (not supplied), in the past clients have given away a simple bottle of bubbly or a holiday in the Caribbean. Casino Hire Includes - Genuine Casino Tables - what you would expect to find in a 'real life' casino, Casino Chips, Friendly Professional & Experienced Staff. A fantastic Fun Casino Gambling Experience.